RN/LVN INTERNSHIP Long-Term Care Program

Having difficulty finding a position as an RN or LVN because you don't have any experience? We offer a Long-term Care Internship program for RN's and LVN's. You complete 80 hours of training on the nursing unit. Experience real time training from experienced nurses in patient care situations. Practice proper documentation, critical thinking skills, medication delivery, time management, and other aspects of nursing while you care for patients under the direct supervision of the nursing staff. You receive documented check-offs demonstrating competency in all the basic aspects of Long-Term Care Nursing, and documented proof that you successfully performed the duties of an RN or LVN in a long-term setting. Successful completion of the Internship will result in referrals and references for open positions at various long-term care facilities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
RN/LVN INTERNSHIP Long-Term Care Program
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